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WebsiteBuilder: Saving and Publishing Your Website

It is a great habit to save any changes you make in the editor. You can save your progress as many times as you like as you go along working on your site. When you publish your site, this allows any saved changes to go live online.

Legacy WebsiteBuilder Editor: Saving and Publishing Changes

  1. Login to your Control Panel.

  2. On the landing page, under Website Tools, click on WebsiteBuilder.

    WebsiteBuilder under Website Tools
  3. Click on Edit Site next to the domain name with WebsiteBuilder.

    Edit site options
  4. To launch your Legacy WebsiteBuilder Editor, click Manage
  5. On the upper right corner, click on Save.
  6. Once all changes have been saved and if you wish to upload the changes to your current site, click on Publish on the upper right corner.