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Domain Registration: How To Change Domain Auto Renewal Settings


  1. Log in to your Control Panel.
  2. Go to Domain Central.
  3. Select the domain you want to renew.
  4. Click Renew.
  5. Select an option for your Renewal Schedule:
    • Automatic Renewal: Enables automatic renewal.
    • Manual Renewal: Disables automatic renewal.
  6. Click Save.
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How Can I Tell If My Domain Is Set To Automatically Renew

When looking at the list of domains in domain central, the Renew column shows if the domain is set to automatically renew. One of three statuses will be shown:

  • Auto: Domain is signed up for automatic renewal.
  • Manual: Domain is not signed up for automatic renewal. You must renew the domain manually.
  • Remove: The domain is not registered through and cannot be renewed. The domain will need to be transferred in order to handle its renewal. Another possibility is that the domain is registered through but has been expired for more than 30 days and can no longer be renewed through Domain Central (please contact us to renew the domain).

ADRS Rules and Policies

  • ADRS requires valid billing informationUser-added image in order to renew the domain.
  • ADRS will attempt to use a domain creditUser-added image before using the billing information on file.
  • ADRS will renew the domain 15 days before its expiration date.
  • If ADRS fails, additional attempts are made 13, 11, 5, and 1 day(s) before the domain expiration date.
  • ADRS will not make any additional attempts to renew the domain beyond the days described above. If the final attempt fails, the domain must be manually renewed.

If you have other concerns regarding ADRS and refund policy, please see Domain Name Registration Requirements: Registration Renewal.